Conditions of sale

Please be aware that due to the nature of copyrighted material, ALL sales are final. You must agree to our Terms and Conditions here to proceed with your purchase. 

William Lindy Residential Designs

Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers 


We want you to be happy, but please know that ALL SALES ARE FINAL, due to the nature of intellectual property. Home blueprints are not returnable for any reason. Requests for returns, exchanges, credits, or refunds will not be fulfilled. We will make an exception for a non-reproducible plan purchased within 30 days. If you cannot build your plan, you may exchange the plan for another plan of equal or lesser value. If you prefer a plan that is more expensive, you may pay the difference between the original plan and the new one. 


William Lindy house plans may NOT meet the building requirements in your area. All William Lindy house plans are designed to the IRC (International Residential Code) and to meet the customary building codes of the State of Georgia. The code year a plan was designed to may vary depending on when the plan was drawn. Additionally, it may be necessary to have a plan modified by a local professional in your area in order to meet your local building code or state and local requirements. 

Your purchase of a William Lindy house plan license is conditioned upon you following all state and local building codes, zoning laws, neighborhood covenants and other requirements. 


William Lindy house plans DO NOT come with an architectural seal or engineering stamp. Some municipalities require that a licensed architect or engineer review and/or seal or stamp a set of home blueprints before permitting or commencing construction. We strongly recommend that you check with your local building department before completing a purchase of a William Lindy house plan(s) license. William Lindy, Inc. is not responsible for fees architect or engineering fees. 


If you purchase a William Lindy house plan with the intent to construct it in NEVADA, you must have the plan redrawn by a professional registered in the STATE OF NEVADA. 


When you “buy” a William Lindy house plan, you are buying a license to build. The type of license you buy dictates what you can do with the plan. All licenses are limited to just one customer (the one who purchased the plan). House plans cannot be resold, assigned, or loaned to another party. Licenses are NOT transferrable. 

A blackline set, comes with a license to build ONE structure from the set of plans. You are not permitted to make copies of the plans or to build more than ONE structure. If you desire to build a second structure, you will need to look at a reproducible license. 

A reproducible license (whether electronic .pdf, hard copy, or CAD files) comes with an unlimited license to build, modify or make copies of the plan. All modifications become the property of William Lindy, Inc. as a derivative work. The license is NOT transferrable to another party.


All William Lindy home plans are copyrighted and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Please adhere to the license type that you purchase. It is illegal to copy house plans and the penalties are severe.